The best things about Australia

The best things about Australia

Australia my love.

As we start to plan our Prairie Swim launch in Australia I have been thinking a lot about my own memories of my time in Australia, and decided to write a little love note to it.

For context, my dad is from New Zealand, and my parents both work for an airline growing up- so I had the advantage of being able to go to Australia multiple times from Canada, on my New Zealand passport. I haven’t been in about 6 years but these are my absolute favourite things about Aus, and why you should put it on your post-covid list!!

  1. The people

Australians are truly their own people. In my experience, they are incredibly friendly but also incredibly fierce. They are descendants of European criminals (those that settled there despite aboriginals obviously existing there already) and they are proud as f*ck to be Aussie. Like, possibly more so than Americans are proud to be American… Australia Day is a WHOLE mood there. They are fierce about their protection of the environment, the ocean, and their skin. It was the first place I went where people were noticeably conscious about water usage, recycling, and sun protection.

  1. The Food

Again, I say this like I grew up in a marsh- but Australians were gluten free, vegan, and organic WAY before the rest of the world caught on. The food there is notably fresh, healthy and conscious, kinda like the way the food feels in Europe. I haven’t been in years, but I absolutely recommend eating the following when you visit (or at least trying it here and pretending).. and I say this as a person who barely eats dairy or bread- the below are 100% worth the stomach ache they cause me because they are SO good.

  • Flat White Coffee
  • Greek Yogurt with passionfruit
  • Vegemite on toast (you layer it on super thin, do NOT slather it on like its peanut butter. I like it with avocado and goat cheese on top, YUM)
  1. Bondi

Bondi is a unique place, you’ve probably seen it all over Instagram but it honestly reminds me of LA. There is the most incredible beach walk loaded with tourists, fitness aficionados, coffee shops, and the glam Real Housewives of Beverly Hills types- as there are some incredible boutiques and homes in this area.

  1. The lifestyle

The Aussie lifestyle is pretty unique. I truly find that they are a culture that cares about their health more than many other places I’ve been to. It’s the home of the OG fitness influencer @kayla_itsines who truly changed the world with her programs and Sweat app, it’s the home of F45 which is taking the world by storm, and just about everyone you meet is either a runner, a cyclist, a surfer or a skier. Being such an isolated country its inevitable that they have their own world. Their own bad tv shows (hello Home & Away), their own jargon, and their own vibe in general, which brings me to…

  1. The fashion!!

Australian fashion is actually my favourite. Its part of what inspired Prairie Swim to begin with. Its feminine, functional, and chic- always.

Australian fashion is truly its own world. They do what they want and they have their own seasons to cater to. Though not overly well known in Canada- some of my favourite aussie brands are Country Road, Sportsgirl, Lack of Colour, and Zimmermann. A major shoutout also to FigJam, as it’s a Canadian company that sells Aussie labels.


Like, how cute is this terry cloth shirt from Sportsgirl? 

Is Aus on your bucket list? let us know in the comment section!

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