Bridal Trends for 2021

Bridal Trends for 2021

Okay after the trauma that many brides-to-be endured because of 2020 we are expecting a rush of overdue weddings, bridal parties, and bachelorettes that are well deserved after a year of not seeing many of our loved ones. In the spirit of entering the season, we rounded up some trends that we’ve been spotting and loving, and of course, that all complement our bridal promotion on right now for swimwear- check out our bridal collection and mood board for inspo!

1. Short dresses, short veils

Okay, maybe it’s the Ariana Grande recent wedding in our minds but we’ve spotted many adorable short dresses on the market for the wedding itself, or the after party. Another personal fave is what Zoe Kravitz wore to her recent rehearsal dinner, which we are pretty sure we would wear even if there wasnt a wedding involved. 

2. Being discreet

2020 was definitely the year of being incognito, whether it came to travel, small gatherings, or big purchases- it was a year of “reading the room” and shaming celebrities for being overly flashy given the hard times that many have found themselves in this past year. This trend continued into weddings and engagements, with many opting for small city hall ceremonies and elaborate elopements- holding off on larger parties due to restrictions, and we were pretty into it. 2021 looks like that trend will continue due to the uncertainty ahead but quality over quantity continues to be the trend for many things of the future, and weddings are no exceptions.

3. 90s vibes

We know everything 90s is back right now, and we are seeing it a lot with wedding looks – simplistic 90s looks though, hold the poufy sleeves and hair for now.

How cute would a bikini top with a blazer and a cowboy hat be for the bachelorette party dinner a la JLO?


Otherwise, for 90s vibes we love a traditional slip dress- perfect if you are looking for a 2021 wedding guest outfit as well, but, yanno, maybe not in white.  Don’t forget the disposable film cameras!


4. Chic bachelorettes

Our moodboard for our bridal campaign was really inspired by this, as we feel done with the over the top bachelorette parties with matching suits that say “I’m getting drunk”, instead, we’re opting for suits your bridesmaids can wear over and over again (aka, lets move away from unnecessary waste from 2 one-time events) and mix and match styles that work for everyones unique features and body types.


5. Mini cakes

Maybe it’s the covid talking, but we are loving the idea of mini wedding cakes, instead of everyone crowing around a 10 tier monster cake that doesn’t taste very good. It’s all about individual servings, tastes and personal space in 2021 and we are here for its cuteness!

This years wedding theme, have your own personal cake and eat it too.

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