Cabin Chic

Cabin Chic

I've never been a fan of winter, or winter fashion for that matter- so its hard for me to even wrap my head around a winter look that excites me. 

But this winter really forced me to embrace the concept. For the first time in my life I'll be in Canada for an entire winter. I get really bad seasonal affective disorder, and in addition to medication, I rely on my mood lamp, vitamin C & D supplements, and walking my dog constantly to get some fresh air. 

Knowing that I can't escape it and that my mental health relies on getting outdoors, I have taken up winter running and have even started looking at winter fashion and winter trip ideas. I grew up in the Rockys, and I'm craving hot springs, hot chocolate and a ski trip more than ever. 

Put some winter looks together here in hopes to inspire you like it inspired me to put on my Niagara suit and find some hot springs! 

PS- The Patagonia jacket is from their worn collection, where they sell pre loved Patagonia! Love that concept. Let me know if you do too!



Niagara Suit 

Chanel hat

Wilfred Pants

Ugg Slippers

Eight Ounce Coffee Cup

Patagonia Jacket


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