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How to go Vegan

I love trying new "diets" mostly because I have SO many stomach issues and can be a super finicky eater- so the vegan diet is something I've always wanted to learn more about but continue to be intimidated by. I asked my sister, Emily Rabbitte who is a health and wellness expert who runs plant-based pilates retreats what her tips were for someone who wanted to try being vegan:

1. Do some research and find people you admire. Athletes or anyone someone you look up to resonate with that is vegan it’s super motivational.

2. Find your “why”

3. See if some of your go to’s are vegan, comfort foods, classics, and favorites you can google this info. Usually gives lists of things you can find that are vegan. Makes the supermarket trip easier.

4. Have a plan for the supermarket!! Oh my gosh my first few times shopping when I started took me hours. Reading every ingredient.

5. Find ways to make your favorites but don’t eat to much junk. Is super healthy food ever exciting? Not really but you can still make good and yummy choices while vegan/plant based.

6. Allow yourself to make mistakes. I’ve been plant based for 4 years. Mistakes happen I don’t plan it or do it on purpose.

7. Planning ahead will save you, google the menu ahead of time find out what you can eat. I still eat a good size snack before I go out so that I’m never starving as a guest or out to dinner.

8.You’ll get full but you might feel hungry later. Rice cakes are a great way to snack and keep busy.

9.What’s your "why" can also be your goals or your target. Vegan/plant based isn’t a weight loss plan. It’s a healthy choice for many reason but again you still have to be eating the right food.

10. Don’t be afraid to share. People ask me all the time why, and guess what it’s totally changed and developed as I’ve learned more.

The most important thing is that I feel better than I have ever felt. I know I making a good choice for the environment and my own health.

  • Start small I’ve been a vegetarian off and on for years I didn’t fall in love with tofu overnight (and some people do a horrible job at cooking it)
  • Always have a couple snacks with you.
  •  Get a good protein powder but also know if your eating a well rounded diet even plant based your likely getting enough protein from foods unless your goals/training/athletic requirements are different.
  • Talk to your Doctor and push for blood tests- there’s about 12 things vegans can typically get tested for. It’s hard to be depleted in them but it can happen. Everyone should get these tests done we should know what our body needs and we shouldn’t be afraid to ask.
  • Don’t panic. Everything is manageable it’s not about time, don’t prepare excuses. If you're interested, experiment.
  • Have a meal backup plan in case one that you try out making goes horribly wrong. 
  • There are so many ways to enjoy the plant based diet. As a girl with a sweet tooth I worried. But it’s forced me to make better choices and then when I do find amazing treats I get to support small businesses who share my values and enjoy a cupcake.
  •  We are made to feel guilty about  food choices and “treats/cheat meals” imagine feeling less guilty because no animal was harmed 
  • Find a connection mine evolved - animals- environment- health - fitness- and now its a little bit of everything. I firmly believe it’s the best lifestyle and I’m super proud to live this way
  • People will give you shit. They will have questions so decide how you want to react. I’m sensitive and some days it really bothers me other days I just remember it’s my choice no ones else’s. 
  • I highly recommend plant based living. But it’s not for everyone so the odd day/week whatever it’s still a nice way to mix up your meals and routines.
  • Above all just try and live as well and as happy as you can. 
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