Quick Pinterest Tips

Quick Pinterest Tips

So of allll the internet trends I jump on (trust me I jump on them all) I was always very slow to Pinterest. I think in its early stages I was young and therefore not as into cooking or DIY home décor projects. Lately, the algorithms with Facebook and Instagram seem to be stunting growth for a lot of small or new businesses. I had been seeing a lot of people that I respect in the social media marketing space say that they had jumped ship to Pinterest and were making more money than they imagined, and so, I was sold.

Here is why you should put most of your time and energy into Pinterest

  1. It is actually a better search engine than Google for a lot of things.

One of the things I hate about Google is that it constantly brings up stale articles. As we know, many factors go into search engine optimization but one of them, is the time that it has been on the internet. Which honestly, makers zero sense to me. In this rapid fire changing world why would I want to pull up a forum from 2008 when something is glitchy with my iPhone? I usually go to the news section of Google and hope for the best but with Pinterest, you don’t have to do that.

  1. It is way more visual

I was listening to Julie Solomon’s influencer podcast and it talks about the power of Pinterest. In it, I learned that Pinterest is literally a search engine. Its like google images on crack. It is so quick to show you related images and you can actually narrow in on a part of an image to find images related to that.

What I initially thought was a site for mostly recipes, décor, and DIY was actually just a visual portal to anything I wanted to find. When I was looking for marketing tips, templates for pitches, logos, or  an explanation of cryptocurrency, there was an abundance of visuals, infographics, and links to shops and websites where I could get whatever I needed.

  1. If you are using it for business purposes you don’t have to beat the algorithm.

There is a deeper side of Pinterest I could walk you through but basically there are so many ways where if you just follow the rules you are basically guaranteed to have your pins viewed. Here is what you need to do to get your business thriving on Pinterest:

  1. Make your Pinterest a business account and get your website verified to it, this enables you to view their analytics tools which are incredibly thorough and it also enables you to create pins and link them through to your site. It is literally the easiest way in the world to drive traffic to your site.
  2. Add SEO style descriptions into your pins, even if you are just re pinning and it isn’t there, add the key words that would help drive someone to your account. A good tip is to search your own description in another tab and add the related tags suggested.
  3. Make Pinterest friendly graphics that describe your website. If it’s a product it is a bit easier but if you want to drive traffic to say, your real estate website, make sure you use a strong image and a headline on why someone would want to check out your post or your site. Here is an example of what I mean:
  4. Use a third party site like Tailwind to schedule your pins. This means that basically you can sit down for 20 minutes and plan your pins for the week, it’s that easy. If you can, try to join some tribes where you can share your own content into groups that are sorted out by niche.
  5. Make your Pinterest shoppable, using rich pins you can drive directly to your Shopify page, basically this means that when anyone hovers over a post of your product it will make it clear that it’s a shoppable post by showing the website link, you can even run ads units like you can on Facebook, meaning, buying ads based on intent (reach, awareness, click through, conversions etc.) You can choose your CTA (call to action) and content to promote like you would a Facebook Ad but its like, way cheaper.

Follow us on Pinterest and if you want any more advice on how to help grow your Pinterest or drive traffic to your site, let me know and I am happy to share more of my tips!


xx- Alexandra 

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