The Best Motivational Books

The Best Motivational Books

The Best Self Help Books

By Alexandra Rabbitte

The Best "Self Help" books

Self help is SUCH an aggressive phrase and I remember the first time I bought a self help book at Chapters and felt so weird seeing these books that help improve your life and wellbeing in such a weirdly negative space. It was right next to the books on how to get out of bankruptcy or get through your divorce and it seemed so weirdly shameful being in there. So I try to use the term, motivational books interchangeably.

We all know that seeking help is critical to the human condition and as a society we have come around slowly to the notion that its okay to admit if you’re sad, or struggling, or broke. I honestly have always loved reading these books for when I was feeling down, or unmotivated or uninspired and they have a harshness about them that your loved ones, or even your therapists would struggle to say to your face.

Here are my fave pick-me-up books. I also Linked my Amazon store that has all of the ones on my list to read too! Leave a comment if you have any other recos!

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck- Mark Manson

The title is self explanatory, but a good reminder that you don’t need to live your life for other people.

You are a Badass- Jen Sincero

This might be my favourite, it got me through a dark time and I often go back to some things I’ve highlighted. A constant reminder to believe in yourself (though the title is a bit cheesy haha)

Daring Greatly- Brene Brown

I am a HUGE fan of anything Brene Brown comes out with. I love her approach as an educator and a scientist. Start by listening to her Ted Talk. It truly changed my life perspective.

The Total Money Makeover- Dave Ramsey

I listen to his podcast too and its so ridiculous at times it makes me laugh. The whole shtick is “Live like no one else so you can live like no one else” and helps people achieve financial independence. I LOVE his aggressive take on money saving and ego. I listen to it often when I need the wakeup call on my finances.

Grit- Angela Duckworth

I looove the concept of Grit. That the level of success of humans has nothing to do with anything other than their level of grit- that is, essentially, your ability to power through and persevere whatever life throws at you. The data on this is incredible. It’s that factor on how some people achieve their goals and why some do not.

Principles- Ray Dalio

Full disclosure- I’m still reading this. Its my quarantine book. But I LOVE it so far. I always thought it was a bit too dry/investor ish for me but the principles are fascinating. It’s inspired me to have principles for Prairie Swim (I was also heavily inspired by Amazons leadership principles) and working on re defining my own personal principles to live by.

Shoe Dog- Phil Knight

I reference parts of Phil Knights Memoir OFTEN- not just in launching a business but some really interesting aspects of the global business world. His descriptions on navigating social and political issues in countries like Japan and China were fascinating and the story of Nike being built is pretty crazy. It is a good reminder of why these legacy brands are so rare and so special. They got to be this way because someone dedicated their entire lives to building it.

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