Infrared Saunas are so hot right now

Infrared Saunas are so hot right now

I feel like everyone over the past couple of years has been swearing by their infrared sauna time. While Saunas have been around for ever, new technology has made it seemingly easy to have a sauna in your backyard, or in your apartment in one of those sleeping bag looking type infrared saunas that I may or may not be days away from purchasing.


Here are the benefits:

-for me, it’s the solitude. A room where I can sit alone and think, without my phone and do some meditation is key

-relief from sore muscles

-improved circulation

-sweating it out the lazy way. I don't think anyone should think this replaces a workout, or try to lose weight or "flush all toxins" by doing this daily. But I do think a good sweat always forces me to CHUG water and gets any lingering scents out of my body (I'm thinking like, garlic- I swear I can smell it for days after eating it)


Here are the cons/warning notes:

-don't forget to hydrate and honestly I'd probably avoid it entirely if you have been drinking alcohol

-make sure to ask your service provider if a sauna will be damaging to any recent treatments (I'm thinking botox, facials, spray tans, etc.)

-listen to your body, if it's too hot or you feel sick, it's never worth it- it can cause heat stroke and that is never cute


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