My go-to items for self care at home

My go-to items for self care at home

As we start the new year self care is always at the top of my list- it can come in so many forms and ultimately for me is about doing little things to improve my life and overall happiness.


Here are some of my latest go-to self care items when I need a little pick me up.


Calm App

I loove the 10 minute daily calm sessions with Tamara or the sleep stories when I want to fall asleep- I have been a problem sleeper for most of my life and these sleep stories are insane how well they work. Use this link to get started for free for 30 days- I have tried every meditation app and am convinced this is the best one for someone who has a very busy mind.


Green Juice

It's almost become a joke in my life in the way that I think green juice will solve everything, and I finally got my hands on a vitamix so I can actually make them at home- any high power blender will do, and keeping the pulp in there has a lot of health benefits as opposed to cold pressed juice. I follow this recipe for a refreshing pick me up, usually making a few servings and keeping some in the fridge for a few days.



We all know that we need to put our phones down, but I always found it really difficult to do since everything in my life is on my phone (podcasts, news apps, audible etc) so I finally made the leap to a kindle. I find it to be so much easier to put the phone away with the kindle and have a goal of 30 books this year! I love that it reduces clutter, is waterproof (I am a big bathtub reader) and easy to travel with.


Nail buffer

For some reason this seems a bit oldschool or something but I always carry a nail buffer with me,  I love a naked manicure look and am usually not wearing polish so I love buffing them up for a shiny, clean look. It always makes me feel a little bit pulled together with a little buff and a little cuticle oil. 


Cue calm

As mentioned, I love a good bathtub moment. Its my happy place where I put in essential oils, yummy bath salts, and usually some incense. I use this scent from cue calm called "old fashioned" which has a woodsy, cinnamonny, orange scent.


Mood lamp

In the darkest days of winter I find I really get the blues. I have had this "happy" lamp for the past 3 years and use it daily in the winter- major bonus- it almost acts like a ring light for zoom calls as well!


Ice roller

Treating your skin is always a nice way to feel like you are doing something for you. Whether it’s a face mask, a gua sha, or something more heavy duty like this bad boy- this has been an easy one for me to stick to. I use it to depuff, encourage circulation and minimize redness. I have this one, but for a splurge, I would get this one!

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