Quarantine Friendly Date Ideas

Quarantine Friendly Date Ideas

Quarantine Friendly Date Ideas

By Carling Liski

The New Date Night...

It’s likely a lot of us are spending most of our time at home these days, and we’re adjusting to our new at-home schedules which have become our personal offices, gyms, restaurants, day cares, etc. It’s also likely that a lot of us are sharing these same spaces with our significant other, and the time spent together looks mostly like sweatpants on laptops versus dressing up headed out for date night; I know this is the case for me. As we continue to stay home, it will become more important to start carving out time for ‘date nights’ or ‘day dates’ so your significant other doesn’t turn into just your new WFH colleague!

Here are some quarantine friendly date ideas:

  • Have breakfast in bed; we have more time on our hands so why not spend a bit longer in bed on a Saturday
  • Pizza making night because who doesn't love pizza
  • Games night; bring out the scrabble, cards, twister, whatever!
  • Go for a drive & watch the sunset from the car
  • Learn a TikTok dance - there are a ton so you can probably get a few date nights out of this
  • Tie-Dye is very on-trend right now, so why not do it at home
  • Wine & cheese pairing. Don't have cheese? Double-up on the wine
  • Build an online photobook with your favourite photos together
  • Have a picnic, whether that's in your backyard, on your balcony, or in the living room
  • Bring your coffee or wine to-go and walk around the block; it's the little things these days
  • Get dressed up, do your hair & make-up, light some candles and order-in
  • Plan out a workout together - couples that workout together, stay together is a saying right


Stay safe and healthy!

Carling x

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