What to pack in your carry-on

What to pack in your carry-on

As the world starts to open up and travel restrictions have almost gone back to pre pandemic levels we HOPE you are able to finally get away on a trip. I almost NEVER check a bag for a warm weather trips and am sharing my tips to do the same, or even things that should most definitely go in your carry-on. It’s important to remember that airports are in recovery mode- there is a good chance there will be delays, lost baggage and overall mayhem as we all learn to navigate travel again so I always try to prepare for the worst (and a reminder to be kind to airport and airline staff!!)

  1. Bathing Suit- I mean, this is a given- but you don’t want to arrive to a warm weather trip without one, otherwise you will be scrambling for one in weird overpriced tourist shops where there are almost no options. I personally recommend our Tofino top because it can double as a sports bra, or the Capri top as it can double as an actual bra (since it has underwire support) and is perfect under a white blouse. 
  2. Laundry Strips- these are perfect for a number of reasons, they make your luggage smell liken fresh laundry and can be used to wash your bathing suit (we strongly recommend this to get salt, chlorine, sand, sunscreen, etc out of your suit asap) and if you lose your luggage and have to hand wash some things, you have an easy to use, non liquid solution handy. Also great if you accidentally spill something on your vacation clothes and need to wash something in a pinch.
  3. A scarf/hat- protecting our heads from the sun is key (nothing worse than a burnt scalp on the first day!) or to mix up the look of a swimsuit. Bring something with a fun print and your otherwise neutral colours will be perfect for the beach- check the Napa suit paired with a scarf here! If you are looking to commit to a hat instead, we use Lack of Colour from Figjam for most of our shoots!
  4. Sunglasses- It may seem obvious but its easy to forget these in your carry on when you are leaving a city that is rainy/dreary. Plus I always feel pretty haggard/puffy after a flight so sunglasses help my overall mood. We love these affordable options from Verie
  5. Sanitizer- it’s nice to have your own so you don’t end up using some goopy one that you happen to walk by at the baggage claim- even if you aren’t totally freaked out about covid anymore, our immune systems are WAY down from not being exposed to much over the last few years- we love this local brand. You’ll thank me when you are digging into some tacos when you land!
  6. Sandals- I am the queen of forgetting this one, I usually wear sneakers to the airport because I am a believer that it is poor form to be exposing toes or bare feet on airplanes and then I arrive to the warm destination and feel disgustingly overheated. We love tkees as an elevated classic sandal that goes with everything and don't take up a ton of space!


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