Why I wear mineral make-up

Why I wear mineral make-up

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When I was in high school I was hit hard with acne and I struggled with it a lot over the years. Because of that, I've always been very interested in skincare and had been using relatively good products to target my acne. However, my face was never entirely clear from a breakout, so after my skincare routine I would cover my acne with make-up and would usually use a mainstream make-up brand. The goal was always to clear the acne so I didn't need to wear make-up but it seemed to be this vicious cycle.

When I started in the medical aesthetics industry 6 years ago I was introduced to mineral make-up, specifically Colorescience. This is when my education began and I really started to understand the impact that my daily make-up wearing had on my skin. I was hesitant to switch out my thick, full coverage make-up that I had become to accustomed to, but once I did, I truly noticed a difference in my acne and overall skin quality. Sure I get the occasional hormonal break out, but the inflammation has gone down significantly, my skin feels more hydrated and just less irritated.

What I didn't realize was in my make-up included alcohol, chemicals, dyes, fragrance, mineral oil, and talc, which can create inflammation, clog pores, dry out the skin, cause skin reactions and honestly exasperate any existing skin condition. So I was trying to fight my acne with my skincare, and then I would just put products on after that did the exact opposite! 

Mineral make-up (good ones) is basically an extension to your skincare. Colorescience combines skincare; peptides, antioxidants, hydration, SPF; physical and colour; dye free, into their products. They're free of all the additives found in your everyday make-up. If I had the option of improving my skin, protecting it with physical SPF, while concealing what I don't love, why wouldn't I?! My goal now is to have my make-up look and feel natural and I also love that mineral make-up has a very skin-like appearance and touch. It gives me a nice dewy look too!

I've been using it for basically 6 years now, and I can say I'll never go back to non-mineral make-up!

My go-to products are:

- Pressed Foundation SPF 20

- Total Eye 3-in-1

- Even Up Clinical Pigment Perfector SPF 50

- Mineral Corrector Palette

- Sunforgettable Face Shield SPF 50 Glow

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