Why we’re so crazy about washing your suits after wearing

Why we’re so crazy about washing your suits after wearing

One of the things we stress the most at Prairie Swim is proper washing of your suits. If you’ve purchased from us, you’ll notice a detailed care card with instructions and we even sell Tru Earth laundry strips on our site to make it easy to travel with laundry detergent at all times (and doing so in a way that’s free from allergens and chemicals near your vagina, which is always a good idea).

1. Microfibers

The quick drying ultra stretch that we know and love in our swimwear (and activewear) are made up of super tiny fibres that enable that stretch and tight fit so it doesn’t become loose over time. However, these fibres are super delicate- they can easily trap odours, and products like sunscreen, bug spray, chlorine, salt water, and sweat. The sooner you can hand wash the suit, the longer these tiny little delicate fibres will stand the test of time against all that. Our suits are meant to be long lasting, and we encourage you to do all that you can to keep them out of landfills.

2.Sitting wet

If you are doing any kind of swimming, there is a good chance you’ve experienced the whole “throwing your wet suit in a bag” and grabbing lunch on a patio. We provide bags for the wet suits to protect the rest of your beach bags items but sometimes wet suits in bags sit there longer than they should. This VERY easily creates mould and mildew (ew) which can especially show up on lighter colours. If you can, give the suit a quick rinse in the bathroom sink where-ever you are, and gently wring out all the water you can JUST in case it ends up sitting wet all day.

3.Getting Sand out

Something we have noticed in recent times of rolling around in the sand (mostly for photos) is that the sand often gets trapped in the suits! Make sure you give the suit a good shake out (stretch the fabric out with your hands a bit to really get it all out) just to ensure the little specs don’t stay behind, and get trapped in there.

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