Carling & Alexandra met when they were 15 in Winnipeg, Manitoba and had an immediate shared love for fashion, photography, beauty and creating beautiful things. This led both of them into careers in the skincare industry, digital marketing, and blogging. In 2019 they decided to partner up and create swimwear that reflected their love for the prairies and embodies what it means to grow up on the prairies, forever in search of endless summers of pink skies and the nearest body of water.

Our goal was to create a lifestyle brand that was focused on being attainable, accessible and aspirational. The kind of suit you could grab before the last-minute trip to escape the cold or for a long weekend at the lake.

Prairie Swim embodies what it means to be forever in search of growth, pink skies and the nearest body of water. We hope to empower everyone to go on adventures, give back and wear sunscreen.

prairie swim founders