Bikini Line Management: From a hairy, pale skinned woman

Bikini Line Management: From a hairy, pale skinned woman

So- just to provide a bit of background, I have been threading my eyebrows since I was TEN YEARS OLD. Like was literally a baby and I begged my mother to let me do it and she finally agreed on threading upon me telling her that people at school commented on my unibrow, with someone calling me FREDDIE PRINCE JR ONCE HAHA.

Anyways, I tell you this to outline that I have generally pale skin with very thick, dark hair. So you can imagine my struggles. I've been through it all including ripping off my entire upper lip with an at home wax gone wrong which is a tale for another time, 

So, It didn’t feel right to *not* address my hair removal tips and tricks.

  1. Shaving

Shaving is a necessary evil even for those who laser, or for when you can’t get a wax appointment in time for an event. We’ve all been there. The last thing you want is a rough looking bikini line for a vacation and bathing suits these days are pretty high cut (to elongate your legs) and we have seen this first hand with our own suits (with our Niagara being the most high cut).

For those who shave, these are our tips:

  • Like, REALLY exfoliate. I use this brush from The Body Shop.
  • Use a clean, high quality razor and do it at the end of the shower
  • Use an after care solution, we LOVE this one from South, (bonus points that its a female founded company who uses clean ingredients only)

bikini line management- ingrown hair

  1. Waxing

I used to be a faithful waxer, and it definitely gets way easier with time and my biggest reco is to go to someone you like and trust- but mostly, it HAS to be hard wax. So, like, I don’t really know what all goes on down there when I am in “happy baby” position with hot wax- but I do know that hard wax is night and day on your vag. Trust me, do NOT go to a cheap salon for this. I’d recommend WAXON in Ontario.

  1. Laser

So, the obvious that no one wants to hear is that laser is clearly the best way to get rid of hair, which of course comes at a cost. I’d recommend not looking for a bargain here (I literally will pay full price for nothing so this is hard for me to say) but when it comes to laser beams on your body, you should definitely go somewhere you trust, not someone you found on Groupon.

I’d recommend armpits and bikini line if you are looking for what to prioritize, mostly because the bikini line is the most prone to ingrown hairs with waxing and shaving so I feel it’s a worthy investment. I often see people post about how to remove the 5-o'clock shadow on armpits, and laser is key for long term achieving this. According to this Refinery29 article from the experts:

" You also want to avoid dull razor blades that require repeated swiping, and make sure to shave in the direction of the hair growth, which is most often upward, so that you aren't tugging at the follicle.”

My final trick for hair removal (in pictures) is to smooth it out on Facetune for when I am absolutely too lazy to shave my legs or anything else for that matter. I try to use Facetune sparingly to not create totally unrealistic expectations for myself or others, but once in a while you do what you’ve gotta do to get the shot.


(couldn't resist at least one hair pun)


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