City Guide: Palm Springs

City Guide: Palm Springs

It’s been on my dream list for as long as I can remember and it *may* be my favourite destination to date so I figured a post was in order.

Palm Springs is a dream destination for SO many reasons. It’s proximity to LA makes it an iconic piece of Hollywoods history and the sleek bungalows and pastels take you back to a golden era in America. It’s also fairly close to Joshua tree and the Indo valley- the motherland for the free love movement of the 60s and 70s. My understanding is that its quieter now, in its post-Sintara days. Full of retirees and weekenders from LA. However, any place full of retirees is pretty much my happy place. Golf and Tennis is abundant, it’s quiet and peaceful, and as the sun goes down in the dessert and it instantly cools down, the city itself seems to do the same.

Where to Stay:

Korakia Pensikone

I personally LOVED the vibes here, it was so quiet (I am pretty sure there are no kids allowed) it felt like I was at a spa. They have no kitchen on site so when you go to their little bistro for a coffee in the morning they have a limited but high quality menu- I had fresh yogurt and fruit while sitting under a lemon tree and was in heaven.


*Wearing the Montauk Set

The Parker

Okay we know the Parker is iconic, so this was definitely an indulgence. We stayed here after going to Joshua Tree on our last couple of days here. We booked dinner at Mister Parkers, the on-site restaurant, and will say- while the mood was lovely, the food was suuuuppperr average for what it cost. That said- the service is insanely good- which is to be expected and we took in all the activities. The gym is huge and fully stocked, the tennis courts are amazing, and we played a bit of croquet in the gardens. It is peak Palm Springs and it is wonderful. It was really overwhelming in there though, as the hotel is quite large and its like these, garden mazes. So expect to see other tourists after a few too many margaritas as equally lost as you are in the maze.

This is the Place, Joshua Tree

This was the PERFECT Airbnb in Joshua tree, we were here for a couple days to really unwind and explore. We rented a convertible and drove with the top down on the windy cacti filled scenic roads and listened to old music and it was magical. At night, we had pizza and sat at the outdoor fireplace. This place was super clean, affordable and perfect for a night or two.

Where to eat and drink:


This was my favourite restaurant we went to. The food and service were among the best I’ve had in my life. It was one of those menus that wasn’t too pretentious, but you could tell everything was perfectly thought through. About halfway through dinner we noticed a bodyguard sitting beside us watching a table, and when we asked our server who it was, he was watching it was SIA. Random. But, now we know what she looks like. 10/10 a MUST go.

The Ace Hotel

We biked here for a quick drink when we landed- its young and casual and is a great first spot to visit, or to stay if you are young and single (I say this in a good way, it had a cool factor but I generally go for more peaceful vibes for where I want to stay)

Holiday House

we ordered a literal bucket of vegetables off the menu and had a crisp glass of white wine, the décor is STUNNING- even the bathrooms.

Melvyn's Restaurant & Lounge

For classic cocktails and live music- it feels very old Hollywood and is a bit of an institution there

What to do:

The Gondola

Dress warm, because there is snow at the top, despite it being super hot on the ground. It truly shocked me! I don’t do well with heights or spinny gondola things so I got very sick BUT highly recommend for people who don’t get nausea easily.

Joshua Tree

An obvious spot to go overall, but highly recommend checking out Noah Purifoy Art Museum- it is really the kind of art that makes you stop in your tracks. It is thought provoking and some of it is quite dark- mainly with a focus on postwar America. It is open from sunrise to sunset and is always free (with a spot to donate if you wish) sidenote- The new SS21 pharrel x adidas campaign was shot there!

Also, go to “Pie for the People” for pizza.


I recommend this probably everywhere I go, but its such a great way to roam in Palm Springs. The streets are wide and quiet, the temperature is perfect (quite cool in the mornings and evenings) and the architecture is iconic. 


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